Calmer Heads Prevail in Complex Employee Situations

There are a few different profiles when it comes to organizational risk as it pertains to Employee Relations. You have the organizations that slap-happy risky. These are the companies that do whatever they want without regard for consequences. They expect employee claims and suits to come against them, but that doesn’t move them much. Often […]

Five Ways HR Can Help Support Expatriate Employees

As more companies expand globally, it’s important to understand not only the customs and culture of other countries, but also employment laws and practices for expatriate employees. An expatriate is an employee who is not locally employed, but who is transferred by the global organization and covered by a company relocation policy. For example, an […]

Making the Effort to Attract What You Need

making the effort to attract what you need

Making the Effort to Attract What You Need We have kids graduating from school, looking for work, looking for love – something great! My wife comments that the stories she hears sound the same, should they be job search or dating oriented. I get it – they have similarities. It’s probably why eHarmony developed Elevated […]

How Chatbots Can Help HR Be More Productive

chat bot HR human resources recruiting

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I’m all about productivity and prioritizing my time to ensure that I can do my best work while juggling clients and growing my business. The feeling of never having enough time and too much to do is constant. However, it is really not that much different than when […]