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How ATS Systems Transform the Hiring Process

ats system, ats systems, recruiting process, hiring process

Back nearly before the dawn of time, HR technology was simple. We used HRIS and ATS systems that were simple. Seven tabs over to add the letter H. Enter in your new hire’s information. Hit enter 4 times. Tab over 6 more to enter in S for salary entering in your new hires bi-weekly salary […]

New to HR? Start By Understanding Your Coworkers

new to hr? start by understanding your coworkers

The first day of a new job can bring various emotions, especially when it is also your very first day in your career field. There is so much to learn, not only about the duties of your job but also the people you will now be working along side. You’ve landed the job and are […]

Can You Handle a Long Career in HR?

I came to an HR career after about 12 years in Engineering and Operations. I had been on the periphery, trying to learn how to make operations better through better people-related decisions. As anyone who has spent a significant time in HR will tell you, there comes a time where nothing about people will surprise […]

HR Innovation in the Digital World

hr innovation in a digital world

How do you go about innovating new solutions within your organisation (or the organisations you work with)? Recently I’ve had some great discussions on this issue, as the impact of global ways of working further permeates into our every day. When innovating, tailoring a solution to your own organisation’s unique set of challenges and its […]

Scandal: A TV Drama and Real-Life Hiring Process

Like the TV drama, current hiring processes could fit into the “drama” genre, or “comedic drama,” or maybe even “tragedy.” A series with multiple seasons at that. There are plenty of players, stakeholders and an industry built around it. My focus here is on two similarly written powerful lines that I recall being exquisitely delivered […]

Would It Help?: When to Talk Politics at Work

In 2015’s Bridge of Spies, an apt and conscientious lawyer, James Donovan, played by Tom Hanks, unpopularly and with personal risk defends a Soviet spy named Rudolf Abel, who is on trial for espionage and facing a death sentence. Politics and work! Donovan asks Abel, played by Mark Rylance, several times in different ways if […]