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11 Podcasts to Make You a Recruitment Marketing Pro

11 podcasts to make you a recruitment marketing pro

Between work, family and crazy side gigs, I’ve given up on the idea of finding time to read. Podcasts allow me to do what every working parent does best – multitask. I listen to loads of them and learn while folding the laundry, FTW! Recruitment Marketing is currently the hot industry buzzworthy term. Smashfly is […]

LinkedIn’s Native Video to Capture the Attention of New Candidates

how to use linked in native video to reach new candidates

Today’s top candidates are social. Many of them are scrolling through social media feeds to see what their friends are doing. Take the opportunity to share compelling native videos to draw them into you and your company. What LinkedIn’s Native Video Means for You Native video impacts our ability to position ourselves and our company […]

How to Start a Small Business Podcast

social toolbox, podcast, small business podcast

If you’re like most people these days you probably listen to podcasts regularly. You probably have a few you like and probably know the company or person that produces it fairly well. But have you ever thought about producing your own small business podcast?   If not, you should at least consider it because podcasts […]