Giving Positive Feedback in the Workplace

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Positive Feedback In the Workplace It seems that a lot of what we talk about in HR and management involves rules and policies. We make sure policies are updated as laws change and discipline employees who can’t seem to follow the rules. When we are so caught up in such things, it can be hard […]

Performance Management for Small Businesses

Performance Management for Small Businesses Performance management can be equally stressful for managers and employees. One of the biggest problems with performance management is that we often see it as being solely about the annual review. This can be a big source of anxiety for employees who stress about the idea of having a whole […]

Managing Coworkers Who Don’t Get Along

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How to Manage Co-Workers Who Don’t Get Along With all the time we spend at work, it is no surprise that conflicts sometimes arise between coworkers. As managers or HR professionals, we often find ourselves trying to sort out squabbles and keep the peace at work. Encouraging an environment of respect and civility and being […]

Updating Your Presentation Style

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It’s easy for new employee orientation to become dull and flat. After all, we’re presenting the same policies over and over again. Sometimes we get tired of hearing ourselves talk about meal breaks, harassment, safety, standards of conduct and overtime. Let’s take a look at how you can take the boring out of your new […]

Making New Employee Orientation Fun, Part 2: Company Culture & Incentives

In my last post, I talked about the style of new employee orientation. This week I will focus on how to incorporate company culture in your presentation and ways you can use incentives to make orientation fun. Company culture is not just about proper etiquette at holiday parties and dress code requirements. Orientation needs to […]