Let’s Eat! Meal Break Policies & Employee Compliance

employer break and meal requirements

From day one of your employee’s first day employee break time and meal policies are an important one they are thinking about but maybe not rushing to your office door to inquire and learn more. When it comes to federal break laws and employee meal policies, it’s important to comunicate, communicate, and communicate with your […]

Designing an Engaging Workplace Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment, Workplace, Training, Policy

When I recently brought up mandatory harassment training for supervisory employees in my workplace, I heard people say, “Didn’t I just do that last year?” I knew that I was going to be facing a tough crowd when I did my presentations. Even I was doubtful I’d be able to provide an engaging presentation. I’ve […]

#CAHR18 Wrap Up: Why HR is Out of this World

California HR conference, CAHR Ca human resources

This week I attended the California HR Conference in Long Beach. This was a chance for me to reflect on how much the profession has changed since I started in HR back in 2003. Of course, we are still talking about compliance issues like meal breaks and exempt classification, but the conversation is shifting more […]

Book Review: The Employee Experience

employee experience

In their new book, Tracy Maylett and Matthew Wride offer up a simple solution for building a strong and successful organization: focus on creating a better employee experience. Seems simple, right? But, unfortunately, many organizations put their energy into improving the customer experience, changing the way they market their brand or by throwing a few perks […]

Why You Should Consider Candidates with Criminal Convictions

The rate of imprisonment in the U.S. has risen drastically over the past few decades. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, nearly one-third of the adult population has a criminal record. If an employer decides to avoid hiring those with records, that’s a huge percentage of the talent pool that will not even be considered. […]

The Benefits of Paying Employees to Volunteer

The holiday season is in full swing, so this is a good time to talk about giving back. This is the time of year when it is common for companies to do food drives and other charitable acts in the spirit of the season. But have you thought about how such generosity can become a […]