Hiring for Your Own Kind

Fair and consistent hiring practices

After two years of a very solid HR team, I received notice that an HR Analyst in my department would be leaving us. Stephanie Hammerwold (also a fellow Blogging4Jobs contributor), decided it was time for her to move to Southern California and pursue an HR gig on her own. I’m stoked for her but sad […]

Retaining the Hourly Employee

7 Proven Strategies to Retain Hourly Employees and Reduce Turnover

After you have spent so much time (and $$$) advertising, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding and training all of those hourly employees, how are you going to keep them?! If you have been following some of my recent posts, I’m hoping you have some indication. The turnover rate for the hourly workforce can range from around 40% […]

Hiring the Masses

Easing the Burden of Mass Hiring

No matter how many years of experience you have under your belt as a human resources professional, hiring 100+ employees in a short time period is daunting. For many of us this means maintaining our normal workload while hiring and on-boarding potentially hundreds of new employees. All the other work piles up on our desks or […]

Incentive Programs for the Hourly Workforce

We all know cash is a great way to reward people for their hard work but there are other simple things you can offer as a company to get your employees motivated. In retail where the workforce is 50% part-time and 95% hourly, organizations are constantly trying to come up with fun ideas to engage […]

How to Communicate With the Retail Employee

Effective Communication Strategies in Retail

As I have repeatedly stated, the retail staff is in charge of serving consumers and selling your products. This is exactly what we want and hired them to do! We did not pay them to sit in front of a computer all day reading emails. As a result, communicating with those personnel is frequently tough. […]

HR Issues in Retail

Challenges Faced by HR Professionals in the Retail Industry

I received a call yesterday from a manager and I was immediately reminded why I chose to write this topic. As the manager explained the situation, my initial response was, “An employee did what?!” HR Issues in Retail Oh man, employee’s in the retail industry never cease to surprise and amaze me. Whether they get […]