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How Video Interviewing Effects Your Employer Brand

Video interviewing software has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to screen candidates. Now, companies from startup to Fortune 500 are using video interviews in their hiring process in order to streamline and expedite the hiring process, While video interviewing is commonplace, many companies still get it wrong.  Specifically, many recruiting teams stumble when […]

How the Right HR Tech Can Make Hiring Easier

A question I often get from business owners and high-level executives is how they can use technology to improve their hiring process. The good news is that there is HR software at every level of what we call the “hiring funnel” to make the process more effective. The hiring funnel is HR’s version of the […]

ATS Systems ROI: Value in the Candidate’s Experience

When buying any new piece of software, it’s always important to think about the business case and why your company should be shelling out money to make the purchase in the first place.  ATS Systems ROI: Value in the Candidate’s Experience While most of us believe that having an applicant tracking system is table stakes […]