Why Intern Benefits that Are Better than Money

Download InternMatch’s free e-book on everything internships.  Do it!  Everyone remembers the scene in Jerry Maguire when Ron gets Jerry to yell Show Me the Money at the top of his lungs.  Certainly no one is opposed to getting paid and an hourly wage is an important part of any intern compensation, but it is worth noting that […]

Returnships: A Key Diversity Initiative

The Benefits of Returnship Programs in Workplace Diversity

I am sure you have heard the story a thousand times before.  A woman in the middle of her career has children and takes maternity leave.  Weeks off turn into months or years as the new mom focuses on raising her child either due to necessity (the cost of child care can be egregious) or […]

Why Building Diversity Into Your Intern Program Matters

Creating a diverse and inclusive work place is one of the most critical and challenging issues faced by HR professionals today.  Most large Fortune 500 companies (for example Microsoft and Ernst and Young) have extensive diversity messages on their websites and dedicate tremendous time and effort to building a diverse team that more closely reflects the makeup of […]

Why Your Next HR Hire Should Be a Data Scientist

Why Hiring A Data Scientist Can Help Your Team

There has been a data-revolution taking place in the last couple of decades.  I am not referring to the trendy conversation taking off about the Big Data industry, which companies like McKinsey are calling the next frontier in innovation, but instead I am referring to the increased focus by many companies on using data to test […]

State of the Internship Survey

State of the Internship Report

Blogging4Jobs and InternMatch are excited to team up and sponsor the first ever State of internship Survey!  Students are the future DNA of the workforce and as the student internship climate continues to change rapidly we would love your expert feedback to help draw and share conclusions to shape he future of student internships programs. […]

Spin on Traditional Student Intern Programs: Rotational Interns

Rotational Internship Programs

With major news outlets bemoaning the lack of job prospects for new grads, student internships are becoming even more of a priority among college students who hope to jump from diploma to career. For many undergraduates, however, where their talents lie—and certainly what they want to do with their lives—is still unclear.  Enter the rotational […]