Five Ways to Help Employees Get Healthier in 2014

As the year winds down, many people reflect on the failure of their former New Year’s resolutions — and they vow to do better next year. The fact is: New Year’s resolutions to get healthier are hard to keep. It’s easy to scribble down a few lofty goals on a stray piece of paper, but […]

Machining Jobs May Be Good Choice for the Mechanically Inclined

There are various chances in the automotive manufacturing industry that might be ideal for you if you have a mechanical aptitude and are considering what kind of profession you’d like to follow. There are several jobs in the supply chain that carmakers use to manufacture the parts and components, particularly if you have experience with […]

United States Colleges Offer Opportunities for International Job Skills Development

Students who decide to leave their home countries to attend college in the United States share a desire to succeed that transcends their fear of the unknown. That courage and determination is important for success in college and in the “real world,” after graduation. If you’re going to study in the U.S., think about how […]

Trucking Industry Running Low on Long-Haul Drivers

Driver turnover in the long-haul trucking business is creating big problems for fleet managers and companies that rely on shipping products and materials across long distances. A dramatic — and increasing — shortfall of drivers is also having an impact on the cost of consumer products, especially as the economy recovers and demand for goods […]

5 Things to Know about Business Trip Etiquette

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Traveling for business isn’t the same as going on vacation. While there are some similarities, it’s important to remember that you’re not only representing yourself while traveling for work; you’re also sending out important signals about your company — its culture, brand and products. Whether you’re travelling to meet with current or prospective clients, attend […]

Landing Your First Job Without Previous Experience

When looking for a job, one line on the listing stops recent college graduates in their job-hunting tracks – “Required: X years of work experience.” Of course employers want you to have experience in the work force if they’re going to hire you. Employers want to make sure you have the skills and abilities necessary […]