How to Deal with Rejection in a Job Search

Overcoming Job Search Rejection

No one – absolutely no one – likes rejection. From playground days on, we want to be with the in-crowd and be accepted. No one wants to have someone say, “No, I don’t want you.” Sales people are trained to handle rejection because their companies know that they will face much of it. Who coaches […]

4 Bad Habits to Kick or Control during your job search

Bad Habits to Avoid in Your Job Search: Making a Good First Impression

We all have something we should work on in our lives but some people bring more bad habits to their job search that hamper their ability to move forward or succeed in the job hunt. True Story: How to make a really bad first impression I am one of the few professional résumé writers who […]

Why the Secret to Job Hunt Success is never Volume

Why More Job Applications May Not Be The Secret To Landing A Job

Job seekers seem to think more is better. If you just put out more applications, you are likely to get more results. Right? Wrong!  Volume is NEVER the secret to success in job search A current commercial has a moderator questioning young children with the question: “Is More Better?” The children give examples why more […]

Why the Résumé is Still a Critical Element in Your Job Search

Reasons Why Resumes are The Most Critical in Your Job Search

As a job seeker, it is easy to get swayed by all “the résumé is dead” kind of posts you see online. Adding to that the differences of what is taught in many of the universities and technical colleges today about what a résumé is and should look like adds to the job seeker’s confusion […]

How Does A Job Seeker Reinvent Himself?

Reinventing Yourself As a Jobseeker

A prospective client asked, “Do you do Career Reinvention resumes?” After he explained what he was thinking, I understood. As a Mechanical Engineer on the West Coast, he had found himself niched into a struggling sector of manufacturing. At first, I thought he wanted to be repositioned for another role in manufacturing or another type […]