The Skinny on Headhunters

The Difference Between a Recruiter & Headhunter

I’ve talked alot about Recruiters and what they do. But what is the difference between a Recruiter and a Headhunter? The Skinny on Headhunters A recruiter typically is an employee of the company they are recruiting for. They are trying to fill various open positions within their organization. Usually, the recruiter will conduct the first […]

The Art of Networking

Learning the Art of Networking

Networking, it’s everywhere, but what does it really mean? It’s more than just collecting business cards. Frankly, networking is a whole lotta work. To me networking is developing long-lasting relationships with key individuals who can serve a purpose and benefit to you in your career or with your organization while doing the same for themselves, […]

Why a Phone Interview?

What Goes on in Phone interviews

A phone interview is a great non-commital way for the recruiter to get a bit more information about you and how your skills and qualifications can be utilized in the position the recruiter is looking to fill. Typically, phone interviews last about 30 minutes. Generally, I ask about 4 questions. Why a Phone Interview? One […]

The Death of the Resume?

Recent Discoveries Suggest that Talent Must Back Away from the Idea of Disclosing Personal Data on Job Posting Boards The Death of the Resume? By Jim Hammock It’s not as bad as the Washington D.C.’s escort service “little black book” scandal, but the results could be just as disastrous if you were one of the […]