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The Recession, Stress and You

Economic Times Creating Uneasiness and Tension

I suspect that I will see more articles like this one from CNN until things get better. *** The Recession, Stress and You In small businesses across the country, employee stress levels are rising along with talk of recession and the stock market’s latest plunge. Problems can also come from a reality that’s painfully close […]

Superbowl Ads & Interviewing

Interesting Interviewing Tips

Who knew that both the Superbowl and Interviewing would ever be a blog topic. Did you see the Tide commercial where the guy (candidate) is sitting in an interview and each time the guy tries to talk about his qualifications, the stain on the guy’s shirt talks over him? Tide-to-Go Superbowl Commercial, My Talking Stain […]

Generation Y Can’t I Get a Job

Differences Between Generations in the Workplace

I think it’s important to take a step back and evaluate the situation. I’ve done a lot of research and read several books and articles that discuss the so-called differences between generations. While I personally do my best to not make assumptions, it’s good business to understand the people you are working with and for. […]

How to make millions of dollars as a HR Executive

Interesting Viewpoint on HR Executive pay

Everyone! I want to introduce you to a brilliant mind and all-around nice-guy, Brian Sommer. He has graciously agreed to be a guest blogger on my site and I am ever so grateful. Check out his VERY interesting viewpoint on HR Executive pay. (Want my 2 cents worth of advice? If you want to make […]

Lack of management skills main reason for workplace bullying

Major Factors Contributing to Workplace Bullying is on Lack of Management

If you have a good manager be thankful and if not, pass this along as a little hint. ** Lack of Management Skills Ends Up As Workplace Bullying New research released by the Ban Bullying At Work campaign reveals that two thirds of managers believe that lack of management skills is the major factor contributing […]

How to use Google to promote your resume

Tips for Using Google to promote your resume

Google is good for jobsearching! Why? For one, when recruiters do not want to pay Monster prices, they seek out alternatives and what is better than free? Translation: Create a homepage for your resumes and profile so employers can find you for free. There is really no other way to say it, everybody wants to […]