Beyond the Resume: The 7 Valuable Traits of a HR Professional

If you’re just entering the field of Human Resources or are looking to advance your career as an HR manager, then you should know which traits to develop in order to accomplish your career goals. A quick review: in some way, shape or form, the following “basic” criteria are typically listed in job postings for HR positions: Bachelor’s […]

What’s your Lasting Legacy?

This post is not about how to retain your best employees or how to engage with them on a deeper level. This post is not about HR tech and its latest impact on recruiting trends. This post is about you, us: the HR professional. The HR leader. Most of the time, HR experts consider what […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Adapted for Innovation

A Google search for “innovation” produces over 36 million results. It’s a buzzword we’re all familiar with in human resources, as many of us have been working hard towards creating a culture of innovation in our workplace. In a recent article by Mike Steep on entitled “How to Create Innovation Cultures That Keep Working”, Steep […]

5 Career Tips for College Seniors

Are you a college senior getting ready to take on the professional world in 2015? As your summer break wraps up this month and you head back to campus, I would like to share 5 tips to help you make the most of your final year as an undergraduate and be best prepared for the next step in […]

How to Drive Constant Participation In Your Wellness Program

At the core of any corporate wellness program is the philosophy that if we treat our teams and ourselves with the same level of service or care that we would our customers, then everyone wins and we are truly creating a healthy work environment. The benefits are tenfold: from lower health insurance costs as an […]

3 Ways Human Resources Can Support Sustainable Business Growth

“The organization will never be what the people are not.” – Price Pritchett, “The Ethics of Excellence” Every company wants to achieve sustainable growth. Human Resources and workforce planning play a crucial role in influencing growth and retention. One key HR function is making sure the right people have been hired and will stay with […]