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On a Scale of 1 to 10: 5 Tips for Employee Survey Mastery

5:Tips for Employee Survey Mastery If asked to rate your love for employee surveys on a scale of 1 to 10, the difference between a perfect score and not even answering can be familiar. One of the most valuable tools available to an HR professional when determining the mindset of our employees is the employee […]

Measuring Up in HR Metrics

Measuring Up in HR Metrics The business world today seems laser focused on both productivity and profitability. Since this is the typical time of year when the previous fiscal year’s performance is being reviewed and new goals for 2015 are beginning to be implemented, I think it is important that we take time to determine […]

Nursing Shortage The Tale of the Talent Pool

Talent pools are something we all should be well aware of as HR Leaders. As we work with our recruiters or do the recruiting ourselves, finding the right employees to fill open roles and adding staff to support our business goals is an essential function of what we do. Yet, sometimes the challenge rests not in our […]

A 2015 HR Resolution

Every New Year many of us rush to create resolutions to self-improve by either adding new – or taking away old – ways of doing, seeing, or thinking about things in our daily lives. In that spirit, I propose a resolution about the needs we meet and the value we provide as HR professionals and […]

4 Ways to Help Employees Set Up Their Retirement Plans

When it comes time for retirement, having a solid plan in place is key. As HR professionals, we have a great responsibility to ensure that our employees are aware of their retirement options and have familiarized themselves with their retirement plan. Whether professionals are in their first or 20th year, empowering your employees to know […]

HR & Millennials: Why Building Relationships is Important

relationships, networking, millenials

Being aware of the demographic transition in the workforce as an HR executive is essential to enhancing our organizations. With more than 80 million Millennials getting ready to start working, we are in a rare position to not only watch this generation become a vital part of our economy, but also to assist them in […]