Job Rotation Planning Can Help Keep Employees Happy

Take a moment to imagine: You walk into work and sit down (or go about your rounds) doing the same thing you’ve done for what – today anyway – feels like forever. You think about your friend who just got a new job and how happy they were at dinner and wonder if this is […]

The Importance of An Employee’s First Year

The importance of a new hire’s first impression during the onboarding phase continues to be a critical component in employee retention during and beyond the first year. National trends indicate that one-third of new hires employed 6 months or less are currently searching for a new job. With potential hiring opportunities still available from their most […]

3 Steps Toward a Competitive Advantage in 2016

While 2015 was the year of shifting labor market demographics, 2016 is shaping up to be a battle for the best folks you can find. Employment figures are up and the economy is continuing to grow but at a slow enough rate that people are still a bit hesitant to job search without guarantees of […]

Give Thanks: Rewards Your Diverse Team Will Appreciate

Give Thanks: Rewards Your Diverse Team Will Appreciate   As the Thanksgiving season is upon us I think it is worthwhile to take a few minutes to reflect. For those of us in HR, our year is both drawing to a close and increasing in activity. Between open enrollments, Q1 recruitment planning with managers, end […]

What To Expect When Your Employees Are Expecting

What To Expect When Your Employees Are Expecting Starting, or continuing, to build one’s family is a life changing experience that can sometimes be a bit stressful – especially for new parents. In our evolving workplace, family structure has changed and the needs of parents to be available for their new little ones while still […]

Why Do You Choose to Lead?

Effective leadership practices and methods may be quantified, and there are many distinct directions in which this quantification might go. Numerous leadership books concentrating on leading by example, leading from behind/above/nearby, leading like [insert famous fictitious character here], leading like Machiavelli would advise, and so on may be found by just perusing the business department […]