2015 So Far: Mid-Year HR Professional Check Up

What did I add to my personal legacy this year? Did I promote transparency and drive innovation? Did I actively articulate the values of my company? Did I build relationships and facilitate communication? The questions above were originally posed to provide motivation and perspective seven months ago in my post 2015: Strategies and Trends for […]

Define the Great Disruptor: “Social Media Networking” in the HR Sphere

Defining Social Media Networking in Business Social media networks have been one of the most direct expressions of the internet’s ethos to arise in the past decade. The ability to communicate globally has expanded our individual range of influence while bringing our world closer together. As social media and social networking has evolved to be […]

Learning and Development is a Journey in the Workplace

How many of us could claim that our careers have not changed over the previous ten years, if asked? in the previous five years? even the most recent year? The status quo in our daily occupations is disrupted by competition and new technology, and the business landscape today is nothing if not malleable. A workforce […]

How to Stay Motivated at Work in the Summer

With summer just around the corner, it doesn’t take much to find ourselves lost in a daydream about a little rest and relaxation – especially for those of us who may have experienced a very long winter! It’s natural for motivation to fluctuate, but the summer months pose the greatest temptation when kids are out […]

3 Basic Tips for Conducting an Interview

With employment figures on the rise in the US, we may begin to see what was originally a large pool of talent become a bit smaller with decreasing numbers of qualified applicants available. Whether your company is looking to expand its workforce or it needs to fill a specific role, a more competitive labor market […]