The Benefit of Creative Tension Among Teams & Workplaces

You’ve probably been told to release tension, rather than hold it, especially if you have excess tension in your body. On the other hand, you need some tension to even function. Without enough tension in your body you wouldn’t be able to move. Creative work and thought requires sufficient tension as well. It is the […]

How to Prepare Yourself for High Intensity Meetings

When a lot is riding on an upcoming meeting or conversation, be prepared. Worrying or fretting won’t help. But effective preparation can help you shape the course of the conversation and may even determine the outcome. Who are the key people? If you’re having a conversation with just one or two people, this is pretty […]

Learning to Question Your Labels

Judging an unpleasant event as bad, or a pleasant event as good, is natural. But what if it’s more complicated than that? By judging any event as only good or only bad, you prematurely close the door to a more complete view of the world. By suspending judgment you can keep the door open to […]

You Can’t Do Everything: Prioritize What Needs To Be Done

You can’t do everything and there will always be more to do This is one of those non-negotiable aspects of reality that is best to just accept. When you do this, it will be easier to make decisions about how to invest your precious time, energy, and attention. The next step is to prioritize what […]

How To Be Gracious When You Don’t Know

When you don’t know what’s next, what’s going on, or what is expected of you, it’s important to accept the momentary lack of clarity and be gracious with the situation, yourself and others. Graciousness means bringing kindness, ease and generosity of spirit to a situation rather than additional pressure, conflict or reactivity. This then sets […]

The Invisible Key to Elite Performance

If you’re a high performer, workaholic, hard worker or all of the above, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon, you need to know when to work and when to rest. Learning when to back off and recover after a period of exertion, is essential for high performance was well as a more balanced […]