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  1. My name is Brittany, and I am a marketing coordinator at IPC. I work closely with John Mitchell, IPC’s President and CEO. We wanted to reach out to ask about getting a book promotion on your podcast. John recently wrote a (bestselling!) book called Fire Your Hiring Habits which outlines how company leaders can find and keep top tier employees for their organization.

    The book is an important read for any business leader as they navigate the employee hiring and retaining process post-pandemic and the topic compliments workology content. We plan to offer 20% off for listeners who purchase the book using a podcast coupon code.
    As for the promotion, we are looking for a brief overview of the book’s content and the 20% offer. We would be happy to send you a copy of the book for your consideration.

    Alternately, if you are looking for speakers or guests on your podcast, John is an experienced podcast guest and keynote speaker on topics ranging from business management to leadership skills.

    Please let me know what we can do to get your support of this very helpful book.

  2. Hello,

    Receiving a diagnosis of an incurable illness or chronic condition can be an immense and daunting experience. Adjusting to this new reality can be incredibly difficult.

    I would like to delve into this topic in the form of an article for your website with the hopes of providing valuable information to those who may find themselves in similar situations.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this idea. Thank you for considering my proposal.

    Best wishes,
    Marty Craig, TheWellnessScale.com

    P.S. If you’d like to suggest a different topic, please do so. I’m happy to write on whatever topic is the best fit for your website. Don’t want to hear from me again? Please let me know.

  3. Hi,

    I’d like to pitch Cecilia Gorman, a Southern California’s premier management trainer as a contributor for Workology. Cecilia, a former advertising pro turned consultant, specializes in helping leaders in fast-paced, high-volume creative environments grow their skills and confidence to better communicate and lead their team.

    Cecilia would like to contribute posts around building and developing teams, tips to successfully managing and leading a remote workforce, and strategies for managers to combat “the Great Resignation”.

    Here are some possible titles and ideas Cecilia can write about:

    Challenges Managers Face in Leading A Remote Team and How to Overcome Them
    A Manager’s Guide To Successfully Managing A Hybrid or Fully Remote Workforce
    Effective Strategies to Ensure You Continue to Grow Your Team and Equip Them To Rise up The Ranks
    10 Things I Learned From Creating and Selling Master Course For Companies Not Individuals
    Tips for Female Business Owners Struggling to Grow Their Business With Very Tight Budgets
    A Manager’s Guide on Addressing the Unique Challenges of the Great Resignation

    Here are some of Cecilia writing samples!
    https://trainingmag.com/4-ways-to-boost-employee-engagement-in-learning-and-development/ – Training Mag
    https://www.benefitnews.com/opinion/microlearning-can-be-the-key-to-balancing-workload-with-manager-development – Employee Benefit News
    https://www.trainingjournal.com/articles/features/3-ways-improve-employee-growth – Training Journal

    Let me know if this is of any interest to Workology!

    P.S: I coordinate the content for Cecilia Gorman and our contributor posts. Cecilia will be the one writing the piece, I will coordinate edits.

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