Why A-Teams Beat A Players

“There is no I in team” is probably one of the most used phrases in business, school sports, and group exercises the world over. The idea that the group as a unit being more important than any one individual is an old one and now has data to backup the anecdotal stories of teams working perfectly together […]

Sick Leave Policy Guide for HR

What is Sick Leave? Sick leave is time dedicated exclusively so an employee can recover from an illness or take care of a family member recovering from an illness. It can also be used to attend to urgent family emergencies. Paid sick leave is not required legally, but companies subject to the Family and Medical […]

How to Use Social Media Policies: Communicating and Training Your Employees

In Part 1 of “How to Write Social Media Policies Series,” I discussed the myths around social media.  In Part 2, I outlined paid and free social media monitoring tools organizations can use, and in Part 3, I share some scenarios that companies and HR teams may have already encountered when branding on social media networks. In Part […]