4 Ways Human Resources Managers Can Lead from the Front

There is more to HR than hiring people, filling paperwork, policing policies, and processing payrolls.  Not only is HR necessary in promoting employee engagement. It is also crucial in building and bolstering a company’s culture and brand. Without these fundamentals, achieving organizational excellence is impossible.  And at the head of the Human Resource department are […]

Workology’s Newest #HRCertPrep Course: Ace the HR Exam Shorts Course

One of my favorite ways to learn is using video, and I know I’m not alone. Video learning  is taking the world by storm. Eighty seven percent of Americans watch video content. Not only are videos a great way to multi-task, but they also offer higher knowledge recall and retention than traditional lecture style learning.   […]

Three Basic Employment Laws for New Managers

One of the most crucial pieces of support that HR leaders are called on to provide is training new managers. This includes company-specific training on employee handbooks, general rules and other company standard operating procedures. One part of new manager training that is often overlooked is training on basic employment law. This includes Title VII, […]