Workology’s Newest #HRCertPrep Course: Ace the HR Exam Shorts Course

One of my favorite ways to learn is using video, and I know I’m not alone. Video learning  is taking the world by storm. Eighty seven percent of Americans watch video content. Not only are videos a great way to multi-task, but they also offer higher knowledge recall and retention than traditional lecture style learning.  

Workology’s Newest #HRCertPrep Course: Ace the HR Exam Shorts Course

One of the things I realized in working with my HR certification prep students over the last two years is that we need to challenge ourselves in our study prep moving beyond reading, highlighting and lecture type learning. This is why I’m excited to announce my new video learning course for HR certification prep is now available.

Introducing my HR Certification Prep Audio Learning Course – Ace the HR Exam Audio 

Why You Need Ace The HR Exam Shorts by Workology …

Our Ace The HR Shorts Course provides you with 100+ FAQ VIDEOS to help you gain knowledge retention and MAXIMIZE your study time. Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient  If almost half of people don’t pass HR certification exams, it’s important to make a real effort to prepare yourself especially when not passing is costing you thousands of dollars in lost income not to mention the added expense of studying for the exam a second or even third time

This video course is organized by sub-competencies to help you learn the exam content quickly and easily. You are able to rewatch them as many times as you want for reinforced learning. This is the cornerstone of test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and the Bar Exam. The same should be true for HR certifications! 

What’s Included in Our HR Exams Shorts Course (note: it is available for the discounted presale price of $39 )

The Ace the HR Exam Shorts offers CUSTOM and unique content designed to improve your knowledge retention so that you can subconsciously recall important HR test terms on exam day. Students in our Ace the HR Exam Shorts course get instant access to our video review course within minutes of purchase and can study when it’s CONVENIENT for you and your busy schedule. 

Once You Enroll in the Ace the HR Exam Shorts Course, You’ll Receive…

– Access to our 100+ FAQ videos 5-7 minutes in length on YOUR SCHEDULE

– Original content never shared anywhere else

– Focused on the exam customized to HRCI and SHRM cert prep students 

– Videos and lessons organized by sub-competencies to help you learn the exam content quickly and easily

– Unlimited access to our course for 12 months with no limit to the number of listens

– Easy to access on your mobile device or computer​

 Today, you can get in at the highly-discounted pre-sale of just $39  

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  1. Courtney says

    I aM leaving my career in TEACHING after this upcoMIng school year. I want to makE a careee change to HR.
    What Do i need? Do I need to Go back to school and Get a degree or
    Would a companY hire me with A hR ceRt?
    I APPRECIATE the help!

    • blogging4jobs says

      Hi Courtney, Having certification in HR can make all the difference. I would start with the aPHR with HRCI first which requires no experience. I’d love to help you prep for the exam. Hit me up if you have any questions.



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