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4 Ways Coworking Space Helps Beat The Workplace Blues

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For many people, getting away from coworkers is initially seen as a perk of going freelance. When you’re first toying with the idea of going independent, you relish the idea of never having to see Ted the bad breath guy from accounting or Linda the passive aggressive HR lady again. When Sartre said “hell is […]

The Future Is Personalization and Customization

While on vacation last week, I picked up a copy of the May issue of Wired and read the section called Next List 2017: 20 People Who Are Creating the Future. Every story on the list was really pretty interesting, but the one on Gerd Manz particularly caught my interest. Manz is the VP of […]

Paid Time Off for Activism, Is a Real Thing

For many years, employee engagement has been a hot topic. It is, by definition, the level of commitment that staff members have to the organization’s mission and values, to their work, and to the success of the business as a whole. Increased productivity is only one of the advantages that organizations that value employee engagement […]