Why You Should Watch the Oscars with Workplace Issues In Mind

oscars, pay gap, diversity

On Sunday, half out of habit, many of us will tune in to the Oscars. The annual Hollywood pageant and award show has been under fire in recent years for its too-white, too-male, too-boring nominations. Last year, April Reign‘s hashtag #OscarSoWhite brought attention to the issue and galvanized the Academy to diversify its membership, in hopes […]

The Fine Line Between Bragging and Lying On Your Resume

resumes, lying on resumes

Admit it: You’ve been tempted before to exaggerate a little bit on your resume. Everyone does it, right? Embellishing just a tiny bit won’t be the end of the world, plus you’ve got a good reason to do it. The truth is you know your resume needs work, but you’re not sure where to start. […]