Ep 104 – H-1B Visas, Immigration & the Travel Ban

H-1B Visa, Immigration, Travel, Jon Velie

In 2017, there will be 65,000 H-1B visas granted to over 300,000 applicants. Given the crazy economic climate right now and a lot of uncertainty with regard to immigration and President Trump’s administration. I thought we would talk about the things as business leaders can expect, what we can change and the impact that immigration […]

Remote Work is Helping Aspies to Finally Shine

remote work, aspies, aspergers, autism, work from home

Of all the work-capable disabilities, syndromes, and conditions, those with Asperger’s and especially Autism have the lowest employment rates. This is a startling fact, especially for those who know about their talents and worth ethic. However, the old, generally accepted, tradition of the face-to-face interview often shredded any hope of them getting a good job […]