Call for Presentations for New SMB HR & Recruiting Conference in 2016

Since 2007, Blogging4Jobs has been committed to providing digital resources for the HR and recruiting communities. It’s time to try something new which is why I’m launching a series of conferences for the small to medium sized business HR and recruiting communities. The conference is called “HRetreat” and is a different kind of HR conference focused […]

How to Humanize the Recruiting & Hiring Process

Both the hiring and recruiting processes are flawed. It’s not simply damaged. It’s a total disaster, and it reflects poorly on us as recruiters and HR experts. Although it is not the Holy Grail, human resources or recruiting can assist but not solve this issue. It requires effort and a dedication to acting differently. The […]

What To Expect When Your Employees Are Expecting

What To Expect When Your Employees Are Expecting Starting, or continuing, to build one’s family is a life changing experience that can sometimes be a bit stressful – especially for new parents. In our evolving workplace, family structure has changed and the needs of parents to be available for their new little ones while still […]