Ep 49 – Leading People and the Qualities of a Good Leader

Leadership, and more importantly developing the qualities of a good leader are on the top of mind of most CEOs and certainly HR professionals especially in this hot job market. According to a Global Leadership Survey from the Conference Board, 40% of leaders are happy with the skills and experience of their current organizational leaders […]

Is Eliminating Peformance Rates a Bad Thing?

Despite overwhelming evidence that annual performance reviews and ratings should be abolished, proponents continue to weigh in on behalf of this much-maligned HR program. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is the latest authority to lend support to the traditional performance process, labeling the current focus on eliminating ratings a “red herring”. Performance Evaluations Still Have Value I understand both […]

The Culture Question

Culture is not a thing, it’s action. Culture is not intention, it’s behavior. Culture cannot be delegated, it’s everyone. There’s a lot that goes into an organization’s culture, but the simplest operating definition I’ve come across is “culture is the way things get done around here.” The Culture Question Culture is a byproduct of behavior, […]