Ep 49 – Leading People and the Qualities of a Good Leader

Leadership, and more importantly developing the qualities of a good leader are on the top of mind of most CEOs and certainly HR professionals especially in this hot job market. According to a Global Leadership Survey from the Conference Board, 40% of leaders are happy with the skills and experience of their current organizational leaders yet only 15% of them are satisfied with future leadership and their current development programs.  In this episode of the Workology Podcast we’re going to talk about what qualities are most important in our leaders and how do we set them up to succeed.

Episode 49: How to Develop Leaders to Drive Results with Dr. Woody (@drwoody)

Dr. Woody sits down with me to talk about how to develop leaders, the mistakes we make when selecting our leaders and how to set them up for success. He says businesses often promote the worker bee who is productive at getting results but not at leading, motivating or inspiring others to succeed. And says, “There is no American sport where the MVP becomes a coach. It’s a different mindset.” Organizations are going about selecting business leaders who do not have the mindset to effectively lead a team.

Important Qualities of a Leader

Dr. Woody shares in his interview two of the most powerful qualities of a leader are those who are self-aware and can reflect. I love his perspective and insights on managing the Millennial workforce. It’s a popular topic among the HR industry but Dr. Woody believes the differences are more related to life experience and life stage than generational in nature. Human nature has not changed and that simple fact makes the generational differences a non-issue.

Dr. Woody and I dive into the importance of feedback in the development of a leader as well as the importance of giving feedback to their team members and employees. This feedback should be ongoing and believes that if a leader is waiting until their review to share their insights, opinions and suggestions, that manager is failing as a leader for the organization as well as the individual employee.

Dr. Woody shares this and so much more. I love his background as an organizational psychology who has worked in human resource roles prior to earning his PhD. Be sure to listen to the podcast. Our conversation was one of my favorite interviews during the Annual SHRM Conference in Las Vegas in June. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.



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