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How HR Compliance Can Help End Gender Discrimination

During NYC Fashion week, many designers debuted a new selection of gender-neutral clothing lines. Neither man nor woman are signified; rather, these lines aim for comfort, and sleek designs that match everything and everyone. Simple, elegant, easy going — regardless of where these clothes are displayed. This is great for the career-driven twenty-somethings, because it means […]

The Future of HR Is Now: How CHROs Can Help CEOs Succeed

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It is often considered the role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to support the strategic direction set out by the CEO. In order to do that, the CHRO has to adapt: as the CEO changes course, so does the CHRO. A recent survey of CEOs showed that they are anticipating big changes in how […]

How to Transform Recruiting with Social Media Transparency

Sometimes it seems as if the entire world is on social media sites. While the use of social media is not universal, the statistics published by the Pew Research Center for September 2014 give substance to the perception. How to Transform Recruiting with Social Media Transparency 71 percent of all Internet-connected adults in the U.S. have a […]

How to Create a Culture of Data-Driven Recruiters

In a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on data, it is apparent that HR will have to follow suit. Data is important for all facets of HR, but extremely important for recruiters and talent acquisition specialists. With Deloitte reporting that 56% of HR is reporting at a “Reactive-Operational” level, it would stand to reason […]