The Future of HR Is Now: How CHROs Can Help CEOs Succeed

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It is often considered the role of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to support the strategic direction set out by the CEO. In order to do that, the CHRO has to adapt: as the CEO changes course, so does the CHRO. A recent survey of CEOs showed that they are anticipating big changes in how they do their jobs. This means there should be changes in how HR operates too.

Innovation Is the Key

The survey found that by the year 2020, CEOs see their roles as being driven by innovation and delivering change. The study concluded that CEOs should “be driven by a passion for innovation, and would provide the most value to the organization through driving ideas and strategy (1st) and innovation (2nd), ahead of good corporate management (3rd) and good operational management (6th)” But there’s a problem with this. CEOs will have to change their current management style of being the pacesetter to one team building and coaching.

How CHROs Can Help CEOs

If these are challenges for the CEO they should become default challenges for the CHRO. The CHRO is in the best position to help the CEO develop coaching skills. They are in the best position to help the CEO build effective teams. They are in the best position to help the organization and the CEO develop innovative teams and methods.

One of the most important ways HR can help the CEO to prepare for these new challenges, is to work with and learn how to apply big data analytics to the selection of talent, and the development of teams that are capable of producing innovative services and products.

The CHRO must also help the CEO understand the new workforce and help create a plan for the best use of this talent base. Developing innovative ways to use technology to select, assemble, evaluate, lead and alter teams as needed will be critical for the CHRO.

The Challenge

Naturally the challenge of helping the CEO change is that the CHRO needs to change too — and it needs to begin NOW. If you, as a CHRO, are not experimenting with new forms of technology, new forms of management, new forms of compensation, and new forms of building teams, you will not be prepared by the time 2020 gets here. That is a lot of “new” for a profession that tends to be slower to adopt new. So start now.

What are you going to do about it? How will you help prepare your CEO for the challenges of being a CEO in 2020?

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Mike Haberman

Michael (Mike) D. Haberman, SPHR is a consultant, speaker, writer of HR Observations, and co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc. After over 30 years in HR he got tired of the past and focuses here on the Future of HR. Connect with Mike.

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