Using the White House Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities

In February of this year, the White House released a Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities as a product of an initiative called Curb Cuts to the Middle Class. This guide is extremely helpful to companies looking to hire people with disabilities or for those looking to freshen up their diversity policies. The guide is […]

Ep 38 – Why Job Seekers Want Mobile Apply with Fred Goff

When it comes to the topic of mobile, I’m a vocal supporter as a consumer of products and services and in the HR and recruitment industry. Mobile connects candidates directly to companies specifically when it comes to mobile apply and it’s technology. Why then are companies so terrified of implementing a mobile apply process at […]

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

A tone was set for me early on in my Human Resources career that there was a dividing line. HR could be friends with other people on the team but anyone outside of that realm should be kept at a safe distance. “You know too much.” “It could get awkward.” I lived that way for […]