Ep 38 – Why Job Seekers Want Mobile Apply with Fred Goff

When it comes to the topic of mobile, I’m a vocal supporter as a consumer of products and services and in the HR and recruitment industry. Mobile connects candidates directly to companies specifically when it comes to mobile apply and it’s technology. Why then are companies so terrified of implementing a mobile apply process at their companies? Is it simply the technology in our industry that hasn’t caught up with job seeker mobile habits or are we, as practitioners dragging our feet in mobile recruiting ?

Episode 38: Why Job Seekers Want Mobile Apply with Fred Goff (@therealjobcase)

If you are like me, your mobile phone is always within a hand or arms reach. It’s becoming your go to source of not just connecting but also as a news, information and research source. This includes your job seekers who are looking for jobs, researching and connecting on their mobile with recruiters and companies. The job market is hot for everyone. On this week’s episode of the Workology Podcast, I talk with Fred Goff, the CEO of JobCase. His company, JobCase is a job seeker social network for blue collar workforce many of whom are only connecting and searching for jobs using their mobile device.

Not Just Mobile Apply but the Mobile Job Posting

Fred discusses the importance of a mobile optimized job application process also known as “mobile apply.” He also discusses why he is in favor of job postings and descriptions that forego the traditional job listing and posting. In fact, his own openings at JobCase are simply just a job title encouraging job seekers to apply and connect with company employees directly.

Fred takes a very academic and data driven approach to the job search as well as mobile, which I absolutely love. He discusses mobile apply not just as a process as a branding play. Within his community and social network, 67% do not have a college degree. Most don’t use a desktop for regular access of the internet. They rely on their mobile device.

When it comes to the job search industry, job alerts are key to driving traffic and activity to most career sites, job boards and social networks. These email alerts are increasingly being viewed from a mobile device especially from his JobCasers (as he calls his community members). In fact, by the time you listen to the entire podcast, one million alerts have been delivered within the JobCase network. Give this episode of the podcast a list and connect with Fred on LinkedIn or via his JobCase Profile.



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