Predicting Bad Employee Performance Before It Happens

In 2002 the film Minority Report appeared with a plot line dealing with a special police unit of the future, in the year 2054, that was able to identify murders before they committed the murder. They were able to arrest these people in order to prevent the murder, thus reducing murder to almost zero. Thirteen […]

My Workplace Culture Is Not HR

Several years ago, I was the corporate HR Director for a small, blue collar franchise with a big brand name. Within a few months of starting my new role, the President of the company slipped a postcard onto my desk from an organization called “Great Places to Work,” inviting us to solicit our employees feedback […]

Why Tinder for Jobs Sexualizes the HR Industry

Want to learn more about the HR technology industry? Check out my new book, The HR Technology Field Guide.  The amount of PR email filling my inbox lately touting a HR technology and/or app as the “Tinder for Jobs” is in poor taste. The workplace community and HR demographic doesn’t relate to Tinder as a […]