Does Your Leave Policy Promote the Working Parent

Does Your Leave Policy Promote the Working Parent? While checking out some articles trending for International Women’s Day this past Sunday I came across this neat article in the Washington Post, “An unusual new policy for working mothers” in which they describe Vodafone Group’s new global maternity policy. In addition to 16 weeks of paid […]

Three Ways HR Must Get Technical to Survive

Recently, I met an HR consultant who told me their business was built around the frustration CEOs and other executives experience when dealing with HR managers who lack technical or analytical skills. Frankly, I was offended. Even though most HR managers can’t write SQL queries, most database administrators won’t hold the hand of a colleague who has […]

Getting Around Austin During #SXSW #SXSWi

Getting around South by Southwest is a complete nightmare. I have experienced it year after year after year. In the past Uber has been there as a free on-demand car riding service that has gotten SXSWers from Point A to Point B without any type of costs, but so far the rumor mill hasn’t come […]

What the Duck?!

I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Since Coach Charles “Chip” Kelly took over as head coach in 2013, my dedication to the team has been tested on multiple occasions. The most recent test came last week when we learned that the team’s best offensive player, LeSean McCoy, would be traded for a Kiko Alonso. WTDuck! […]