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Business with a Heart and Purpose- Are you Onboard?

I am reading a book entitled Future Smart by James Canton where he talks about trends that he feels will transform the world and especially the world of business. Based on what he is saying we need to be prepared for a very different business model in the next five to ten years, a business […]

Discrimination is Alive and Well

I don’t expect many of you to be aware, but there was an incident in Paris involving fans of Chelsea, an English soccer team, after they played Paris Saint Germain several weeks ago. Video has emerged of three Chelsea fans preventing a black man from entering a metro train while chanting “We’re racist, we’re racist […]

Five Essential Apps for #SXSWi Go’ers #SXSW

Everytime I attend South by Southwest or even living in San Francisco I have learned that having the top coolest apps on your phone will help you stay ahead of the trends and make the most out of events and conversations over dinner with friends. These five apps will help you get the most out […]