Out Now: HR Certification Podcast Episode 12: Answering Your SHRM & HRCI Exam Questions

4 Basics to Understanding Peformance Management in Your Workplace

Every work environment I have ever been in is different in one way or another, but they all have one very important thing in common. Different cultures, different values, different expectations, and yet one thing prevails everywhere I’ve been: the bosses set the tone for the rest of the staff. Whether the boss is a […]

The Definitive HRCI & SHRM Certification Guide

Access on-demand SHRM and HRCI certified courses online with LEARN by Workology. LEARN makes HR recertification easy. Click here. Last June, SHRM announced that they would be entering into the HR certification arena. By making this announcement and cutting ties with HRCI, SHRM joined the fight in offering a certification program that would be available for HR practitioners. […]

What will replace Human Resources?

I absolutely love Human Resources. I love the irreplaceable support HR provides commerce and the unbridled potential it has to influence and empower people. And, I love the fact that HR is so often where human potential is developed and applied to problems that matter. But, Chuck Blakeman is leading the charge to ban the term Human […]