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Are Short Work Weeks & Unemployment In Our Future?

Robots, robots everywhere and not a job to see! At least that is what dystopian writers think. This dismal picture of what the unemployment and future of work looks like is not universally held but there is a school of thought that says humans may be on a permanent vacation in another couple of decades […]

The Benefit of Creative Tension Among Teams & Workplaces

You’ve probably been told to release tension, rather than hold it, especially if you have excess tension in your body. On the other hand, you need some tension to even function. Without enough tension in your body you wouldn’t be able to move. Creative work and thought requires sufficient tension as well. It is the […]

Management By Book of the Month

Our friend Chris Ponder wrote an article for Performance I Create titled Why Trend Following Can Hurt Performance. In this post he talks about fads and trends and how they can be effectively applied to individual performance. When he mentioned his post, the first thing that came to mind for me are the trends that […]