Compensation and Understanding Realizable Pay

Total compensation calculations were simple in the good old days. Though mistakes were still made, the calculation was largely straightforward. You would decide on your base pay for the year, add bonuses and other cash incentives, and then call it quits. This data was made available by publicly traded corporations so that investors may forecast […]

Which Legacy Recruiting Practices Must End Today

This blog is powered by Jobvite. Download their awesome ebook on how to make video interviewing work for you. Click here and learn 7 ways to make video interviewing work for you.  I’ve talked before about how traditionally HR and recruitment tends to lag 24-36 months behind consumer trends. We are slow to change because […]

5 Professional Self Development Tips to Improve You in the New Year

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In an economy where no job is certain and an individual’s best plan to increase their salary it to leave the company, self development isn’t just suggested – it’s practically essential. Technology and techniques are improving every day, so it’s vital that we are as well. Any professional who is serious about establishing, maintaining or […]