Time Quantified Self and Employee Management

How many of you track some aspect of your life? I will wager most of you do. In exercise you measure heart rate, distance walked or run, calories burned, steps taken, even power exerted. You can record and store this information for future analysis. What if your work life was also subjected to this kind […]

Ep 19 – Facebook Privacy at Work with Aliah Wright

facebook, privacy, work, social media

My list of social media termination timeline is one of my most popular blog posts of all time. And with Facebook’s new Facebook at Work product that just launched in beta, it’s something that will continue to be at the forefront of managers and business leaders minds. This week the Facebook at Work app is […]

Employer Branding: You’re Doing It Wrong

Employer Branding: You’re Doing It Wrong   So you’ve worked to build your employer brand, but your efforts still aren’t paying off with plenty of top-notch candidates for your open positions? If so, that doesn’t mean that spending time and money on employer branding is a bad idea. In fact, it’s a vital strategy in […]

Guac is Extra and Other Stupid $@*% People Say

Guac is Extra and Other Stupid $@*% People Say On any given day at a popular Mexican themed fast food joint you will hear one of the servers proclaim, “Guacamole is extra.” in a seemingly condescending, less than polite tone.  The customer responses can range from blank stares, subtle head nods, follow up questions of […]