Will Unlimited Vaction Be the Death of PTO and Vacation?

As many of you have probably heard now, Richard Branson has created a “non-policy” vacation policy. He said he modeled it after the Netflix policy. According to writer and entrepreneur Daniel Green “Branson described the ‘non-policy’ as giving employees the flexibility to take as much vacation time as needed when they feel ‘100% comfortable that […]

Creative Approaches to Benefits for Your Small Business

Creative Approaches to Benefits for Your Small Business   When we hear the word benefits, the first thing that usually comes to mind is insurance. After covering the cost of insurance, companies may have a hard time thinking of adding anything else to their benefits package—especially if they are a small business. While a small […]

Networking and Polite Conversation Guide

The role of the HR Practitioner involves addressing specific issues that your employees just don’t get. CareySue Vega is our resident etiquette expert and every week she brings you a different piece of etiquette information to keep you thinking. Manner Monday is for anyone trying to make a postiive impact in their workplace.  Networking and […]