#HRTechConf Unofficial Party Guide

A special thank you to our party guide sponsor, TalentWise. Visit them at HR Tech Booth #1335. Receive event reminders & more VIP access by signing up for our HR Tech mobile event alerts by texting ‘HRTech’  to 55678. Download our free guide to everything Las Vegas and HR Technology Conference.  Two of my favorite things […]

Recruiting is Every Hiring Manager’s First Job

Managers of people are assumed to have the domain knowledge and skills sufficient to guide others in a given discipline to replicate their impact on the organization. Management is essentially a talent multiplying function and process. To do this successfully, managers must know talent when they see it. But, merely recognizing talent isn’t enough. The […]

5 Things I Would Do If I Was the CMO at Your #HRTech Company #hrtechconf

Heading to Las Vegas for HR Tech Conference? Download our free guide by clicking here. Vegas Baby!  We are just two short weeks of the biggest show in HR Technology. It’s the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. It’s this time of year that I am flooded even more so with emails, […]