A Bully of a Boss Bears Bad Fruit for the Entire Team

The phrase “People join companies and leave bosses” is as true today as it was 30 years ago with over 50% of  job seekers planning to leave their current job sometime this year doing so because of their boss. Just like with a cold being passed silently from one person to another, the toxic effects of […]

What It’s Like to Be a Judge on a Reality Show Like Top Recruiter

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Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to appear as a guest judge in a reality show for recruiters and job seekers called Top Recruiter filmed in Miami. I was able to truly appreciate and understand the planning, development and coordination that went into the filming of my epsiode held which was shot at […]

Should You Use a Structured or Unstructured Interview?

Hiring decisions are never sure things. Nobody has cracked a code, developed a process, designed a technology, applied a psychological interpretation or even made up a catchy anagram that takes away the guesswork. There still may be good and bad approaches, but we in the hiring business often don’t even agree on which is which. […]