Burning the Candle at Both Ends in HR

Human Resource professionals are people pleasers.  We want people to like us and truly never want to disappoint anyone.   We take on tasks and pile more than we should on our plate. When we say: “Yes” to everyone, we often disappoint more than we please.   The truth?  We aren’t super human.  We all have lives.  We […]

Office Chairs Kill Your Creativity & Your Employees

Office Chairs Kill Your Creativity & Your Employees Chairs have been a part of office life for hundreds of years. What has changed though, is the shear number of hours we are spending in them every day. Then we spend more time on the couch when we get home doing further damage. All this sitting […]

The Future of HR Is What HR Is Not

My friend Paul Hebert gives me a good-natured ribbing about the fact that I write about the “future” and give presentations on it too. He will ask me about my crystal ball and what it is telling me today. I know he is joking with me, but many people do look at futurists as seers, […]