How to Improve Your Company’s Employee Assistance Program

I, like so many others, was surprised, shocked, and sadden at the recent news about Robin Williams’ passing. I was in a meeting when the breaking news alert went off on my phone and without even thinking I exclaimed, “Robin Williams has died!” … and the meeting went silent as others opened their phones too […]

65 Eye Opening Statistics for HR & Recruiting Industry

The HR & Recruiting industry is inudated with research and surveys ranging from social media in the workplace to statistics on turnover. This information comes out pretty routinely and is outdated within 6 months of publication. This information is useful for blogging, workplace programs, decreasing turnover, and giving senior leadership hard statistics on wanting to […]

7 Deadliest Sins of Sourcing & Searching on LinkedIn Recruiter

Most recruiters aren’t surprised when they hear that LinkedIn is the number one social recruiting source on the internet. It’s the go-to tool for recruiters looking to quickly source candidates for nearly every job opening. The simple fact that it offers a quick way to connect with candidates had led to massive amounts of abuse. […]