65 Eye Opening Statistics for HR & Recruiting Industry

The HR & Recruiting industry is inudated with research and surveys ranging from social media in the workplace to statistics on turnover. This information comes out pretty routinely and is outdated within 6 months of publication. This information is useful for blogging, workplace programs, decreasing turnover, and giving senior leadership hard statistics on wanting to implement out of the box strategies.


65 Eye Opening Statistics for HR & Recruiting Industry


Even if you aren’t one of those that need these statistics for HR on a day to day basis they’re fun to look at and are a good benchmark for making new decisions when it comes to rearranging failing strategies or building a need workplace engagement program.

Our statistics guide provides 65 statistics for you, and we’ve done all the work. Sit back, search and find the right HR and recruiting statistic for you. The guide is free and will surely waste the next couple of hours of your life just reading and learning more about HR & Recruiting. When you download the guide, you’ll automatically receive an update in six months with updated statistics about the HR & Recruiting Industry. Happy reading!

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