Will Baby Monitor Technology Lead to Employee Monitoring?

In one of the Google Alerts I have an article came across talking about a baby monitor that not only alerts the parents about their baby’s activity but also collects a lot of data on their baby. They can feed the data back to the parents to help the parents optimize the baby’s environment but […]

Tips for Managing HR as an Department of One

I was fortunate to start my HR career at companies with HR teams. I always had others to talk to when I got stuck and needed help. Now that I have moved into HR consulting, I work with and talk to small businesses where HR is covered by only one person, not a department. Tips […]

Are Your Employees Positively Amplifying Your Brand?

More than 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter. If Facebook were a country, it would be third largest in the world. Every second, two new people join LinkedIn. And, social media is the number one activity on the Web. It’s no wonder that social media is social business, and a critical way […]