Reimagning the Employee Performance Review

I need to make a confession about performance reviews: I hate them. I have colleagues in HR who see them as a necessary evil and some who even find them valuable. As for all the supervisors I have worked with during my HR career, I have never heard a single one get excited about having […]

Is Gig Economy the Way of the Future

I have written a number of times about what future jobs will look like. I have also written about how the generation we are training are to be primarily entrepreneurs. This training is coming from several different directions. The poor economy forced younger workers to take part-time jobs or to create their own jobs by […]

How to Make Your Candidate Recruitment Marketing Snackable

Pretzels. Chips. Popcorn. Little mini cookies. People love snacks and the snacking behavior, at least within the U.S., is holding steady, with some people calling snacks an integral part of the American diet. Snacks are quick, convenient, portable, easy to consume, fun and–sometimes–we even share our snacks with family and friends. So, what lessons can […]

What a 9 Year Old Can Teach Us About L&D

What a 9 Year Old Can Teach Us About L&D “SWEET! I wiped out! They should make pads for your butt!” Five minutes into his first ride on his first skateboard and my son was bouncing up off the ground, getting his board out of the shrubbery, and jumping right back on. There were no […]