The ADEA’s Effect on Less Technology-Savvy Workers

We all have a few in our office: workers who don’t understand technology, have no interest in learning to use technology or are (secretly) afraid of technology.  They eschew computers except for the most basic tasks, maybe they print out emails, they hunt and peck on keyboards, they either use a “flip phone” or don’t […]

How to Find Qualified Candidates in Retail

Have you ever tried to find candidates for a retail job only to come up empty handed? You have plenty of applicants, but none come close to what you are looking for. Meanwhile managers are breathing down your neck and do not understand why you have not found qualified candidates. There are plenty of people […]

Best Advice on Branding and Using Compelling Visuals

What’s better than a work trip to D.C. in the spring? Getting upgraded to an executive suite at The Willard InterContinental hotel just one block from the White House! And that’s exactly what happened as I traveled to our nation’s capital for the PR Newswire’s “Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling” forum on Earth Day. […]

10 Signs That You Should Be Looking For a New Career

You may not always love your job, but you should at least like it on most days. That said, it can often seem as though you spend your whole life at work, which is why it’s so important to find something you not only tolerate, but enjoy. If you feel as though you might be […]