10 Signs That You Should Be Looking For a New Career

You may not always love your job, but you should at least like it on most days. That said, it can often seem as though you spend your whole life at work, which is why it’s so important to find something you not only tolerate, but enjoy. If you feel as though you might be in the wrong job, then you should consider the following warning signs before handing in your two weeks’ notice.

10 Signs That You Should Be Looking For a New Career

1. You dread going to work

We all have those mornings. The alarm goes off and you roll over and think “Stuff it, I’m calling in sick.” However, if you are finding that this is happening more frequently and most mornings you wake up and no longer want to be at work, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your career.

2. You hate your colleagues

There will always be people you just don’t gel with, but it’s important to build solid relationships with your co-workers. You may never want to socialise with them outside of the office, but you will be spending at least 8 hours a day with these people so it is in everyone’s interest that you try to make it work. If you find you can’t play nice, then perhaps it’s time to move on.

3. You’ll never reach your potential at your current job

If you are working for a company that either refuses to see your potential, or you just aren’t using the talents you have, then perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading to something that will make use of your abilities. Studying by correspondence can be a great way to retrain or finish past studies.

4. You aren’t reaching your potential because you don’t want to

There is a difference between a company not allowing you reach your potential, and you not working to your potential. If you are capable of the tasks given to you, but you are putting in minimal effort and producing below par work, then you should consider changing to something that will re-inspire you to perform at your best.

5. Poor working conditions

It may seem obvious, but if you are working in an environment that is unsafe then you should consider moving on. If you know that your working environment is hazardous, and you’ve spoken to your employers with no result, then it is important to do so for your own safety. This is also true when it comes to harassment or bullying in the workplace. If you don’t feel safe, then get the hell out.

6. An overly stressful working environment

Stress is a condition that can do serious damage to your health, both mentally and physically. There is a fine line between working well under pressure, and being over-worked and stressed. If your job is affecting other areas of your life, and putting undue pressure on your body then you should think about a new career.

7. You’re no longer being heard by your employers

Respect in the workplace, like everywhere else in life, is earned. You need to prove that you are worthy of tasks and that your opinion matters. If your employers no longer listen to your input, or are making your job harder than it needs to be, then it could be time to move on.

8. You aren’t being paid what you deserve

We all think we deserve more money, but if you think that you could earn a significant amount more doing the same job with another company, perhaps you should consider shopping around. But before you hand in your resignation, check an industry salary guide, such as the Robert Half 2014 Salary Guide, to see if you really are capable of earning more in the industry.

9. You’ve grown as much as you’re going to

Learning new skills and working towards self-improvement is an important part of any career. If your current job has taught you all they can, then you should consider asking for a promotion, or moving upwards with a different company. It can be easy to remain where you are because it is comfortable, but this can lead to boredom and make you dislike your job in the future.

10. You aren’t happy with where you are in life

Everyone has goals, and if you feel as though you are in a rut and generally unhappy, then you should consider changing careers. It could be as simple as ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’. If you are passionate about something, or interested in an area why not consider getting a job that will allow you to focus your interests.

It’s not always easy making a life change. Before you quit your job, talk to an employment consultant or recruitment agency; they can help match your skillset to a career you are best suited.

10 Signs That You Should Be Looking For a New Career
10 señales de que deberías estar buscando una nueva carrera
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Andrew Brushfield

Andrew Brushfield is the Director of Victoria & New Zealand at Robert Half, and is based in our Melbourne office. He was originally an accountant at the Smorgon Group and has spent the past 13 years in the recruitment industry throughout Asia Pacific. In Australia, Andrew excelled in placing senior level finance professionals within a vast range of industries, with particular expertise in the FMCG and IT / Telecommunications industry.

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