Why Baby Boomers Are Really Great Employees

Last week I read a generation’s chart floating around via email. You know it, the one with columns that tells you whether or not you are a hard worker based on when you were born. I realize a lot of studies have been done in this area however, I feel most of these charts are […]

76% of Job Seekers Prefer to Apply Through Career Site

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PotentialPark’s latest research demonstrates not only the growing prevalence of mobile devices in job search and information-gathering activities, but also the increasing importance of targeted guidance and advice for job seekers at the early stages of their career. Today’s generation continues to demonstrate the need for career guidance and access to highly personalized information about […]

3 Ways Human Resources Can Support Sustainable Business Growth

“The organization will never be what the people are not.” – Price Pritchett, “The Ethics of Excellence” Every company wants to achieve sustainable growth. Human Resources and workforce planning play a crucial role in influencing growth and retention. One key HR function is making sure the right people have been hired and will stay with […]