Why Baby Boomers Are Really Great Employees

Last week I read a generation’s chart floating around via email. You know it, the one with columns that tells you whether or not you are a hard worker based on when you were born. I realize a lot of studies have been done in this area however, I feel most of these charts are pretty subjective and some cases negative. The chart left me thinking about Baby Boomers, chart or no chart, they are pretty great.

My parents are Baby Boomers, I have seen The Twilight Zone (I had no idea it was a TV show until last year) and I know who Larry Hagman is. I am not one but, I did spend some time thinking about why Baby Boomers make great employees.

6 Reasons Baby Boomers Are Great Employees

Dependable – Baby Boomers arrive on time and work all day! They anticipate traffic, sleeping in and don’t have sick kids to worry about. Chances are they will be the first in the office each morning.

Life Experience – Maturity and knowledge count for a lot, you can’t learn everything from the classroom. While life lessons are harder to learn, they stick with you. The old debate on life expereince versus work experience shines through with Baby Boomers. You can’t trade the amount of life experience they’ve collected over the years.

Grown Children – Baby Boomers are turning into grandparents, they no longer have to rush off to appointments or after school events. They are enjoying their second view of parenthood, the spoiling kind. This means you won’t have to worry about last minute call-outs due to a sick child or random appointments.

Work Ethic – I believe in work life balance, giving back to the community and having a life. I also believe in getting the job done, you may have an easier time getting the job done with a Baby Boomer, they are not afraid of hard work. They’ve been in the trenches so to speak.

Office Gossip – Remember when I mentioned maturity? They don’t care about office gossip, what happened over the weekend with Jack & Jill, they are over it.

Face to Face Communication – While most are on Facebook and a few are on twitter (My MOM!), they prefer face to face communication or a phone conversation over a text. Having trouble getting through to a baby boomer, pick up the phone or stop by and say “hi”.

Focus on the positive, take a second look at your favorite Baby Boomer, you will agree they are pretty great! So why not hire a Baby Boomer? Go ahead.

Jen Ray Fun Fact: I met my husband on the first blind date I had ever been on. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time!

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  1. Margo Rose @HRMargo says

    Yes, I whole heartedly agree. I’ve been on this band wagon, and have blogged on this topic for years. Bill Vick, and Janice Worthington will love this post too. Great job Jen. I will most definitely RT on Twitter.

  2. Penny says

    It is about time we got some credit all we here is how lucky we are as if we have everything well you are right we worked hard to get it which a lot of people don’t want to do these days there are more interested in what Jack and Jill did at the weekend !


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