How to Sell to HR

It’s challenging to break into the human resources and capital market. It’s an exclusive, elitist group that’s dominated by women. The guys in the industry most likely came from the operations or recruiting departments. Outsiders are distrusted, especially those who are trying to sell or market anything to the consumers in our sector. It’s difficult […]

The Guide to Picking Your Battles When Working in HR

I have learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years. I have had a number of accomplishments, successes, and failures. I have learned that at times, I can be quick to react. At times, that can be a positive thing. Other times, it can be seen as a negative. I realize this and work […]

7 Company Career Sites with Amazing Blogs

Blogging has been the best career decision I ever made for me. It truly has defined my career. Online storytelling is a powerful way to share messages, information and reach a targeted audience of readers sharing insights from what you do and say every day. For recruiters and corporate recruiting teams, blogging provides a great […]